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    Raising Ardor or Genos?

    Getting impatient waiting for your Dragoness or Drake to be ready to breed?  Well we have a solution for you.


    That's right, you can give your Drake 1 Geno or raise the ardor on a female 33%.  These can only be used once per 24 hour period but that does mean you can have your dragons ready to breed the send they turn 5 with no waiting.

    How do you use these well it's simple, by them at any Mystical Creatures store and then rez the box and open the contents into your inventory and then rez the nesting charm next to your dragon.  Then click your dragon and click Absorbables and select Nesting Charm.  Once used it will disappear and the stats on your Dragon will change.


    So if you are getting impatient and tapping your feet waiting for them to breed head on over and buy a couple of these.

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