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    There is a constant debate about pricing. What should be the fair price for a new trait, or a regular dragon egg? Should prices be fixed or regulated? Should price cutters be banned from the market?

    There is a principle in microeconomics; the supply and demand curves determine the price. And despite any asymmetries in the long term, prices tend to be equilibrium. 


    Pretty, but it doesn't help us at all. If someone cuts the price of a new trait, and other sellers, in panic, follow the trend, the long-term equilibrium is already too late.

    So what would be a fair price? It is a price the seller isn't pressuring buyers to get it right now as a once-in-a-lifetime bargain! It is a price it doesn't bother if it doesn't sell immediately because the revenues of it aren't needed to pay rent, buy food, or anything like that, and the seller can wait to find a buyer eager to pay for his dragon.

    Some breeders are doing it for fun. They had never gone to an auction. They don't list their dragons in classifieds and go to markets to buy what they need. On the other hand, there are those breeding for profits. Both choices are ok; they aren't mutually exclusive. As Mystical Creatures attends to all of them, considering the hypothesis it should regulate market prices makes no sense. But of course, Mystical creatures want the best for all breeders and want to help them to enjoy breeding, selling, buying, and even gartering their stuff.

    If you find something too cheap and buy it, you are encouraging the seller's attitude. 
    If you have a pretty dragon that took months to create, don't sell it at any price; value all the effort, time, and costs you invested in it.
    And if you were lucky to get a new trait everyone wants now, why would you underrate it and give someone a chance to profit on your back?
    It's your dragon, and you can do whatever you want! But others are seeing it and labeling your attitude. You choose your way and define how you're going to be recognized by your fellows.

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