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    Peppermint Dragons

    Since most of the United States is having so much snow this week-end, just in time for the holidays, lets sit back and have some Peppermint, in this case it would be the special traits the came from the 2021 Legendary Christmas Gift - Holly.   This was a free gift given out by Mystical Creatures, and although the Skin could not pass, the amazing eye could along with some special traits.


    So what are these fantastic Peppermint Traits.  We'll start with the Ornament Pigment Peppermint:


    Next we have the Horn Pigment Peppermint:


    And not to be left out we have the Claw Pigment Peppermint:


    The great thing is that once you are lucky enough to get these to pass, they will be passable from then on.  So why not get into the Peppermint season and dig out some of these today.

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