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    Mystical Creatures @ #BIGGIRL

    Hello Mystical family!!! 
    Hope everyone is enjoying a great weekend! I have some exciting news for everyone! 

    We are doing some new and exciting things here at Mystical Creatures and wanted to tell you guys all about it! 

    We are in our first monthly shopping event! We are branching out in hope to bring more awareness to our community and our amazing dragons! 

    If you like the plushes that you can craft from digging, then you will love these!  Take a look at these cute Mystical Creatures Plushies!

    There are 3 different colors to choose from:
    BrambleBerry, Bubblegum, and Minty Mischief! 

    Head on over to #BIGGIRL and get yours today!!!

    While you are here be sure to join the group and get our free gift of some awesome Halloween horns!!!

    I hope to see all of you with your Mystical Creatures Plushies in world!

    Make it a Mystical Day!!!

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