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    How to Train Your Dragon

    When the update comes.... we'll be able to battle our dragons - and the whispers on the dragonvine are saying it will be soon....

    'HELP' you say, to nobody in particular, 'I don't know how to prepare!'

    Well, let's just go over what we know already - and some top tips for success.

    Firstly, if you have designed your UBD (Ultimate Battle Dragon) DO NOT HATCH IT!

    Leave it in the egg.

    Keep it somewhere warm, like a south-facing window, conservatory or specially heated breeding platform and let it be. A;ternatively, you could send it to a friend that lives somewhere nice and warm and dry. Like Bournemouth.

    'WHY?' you ask, to nobody in particular, 'Why don't I hatch it?'

    Well, you will have the best chance of levelling up if you train your dragon from birth.

    That's right. Once the update comes, you will be able to interact with your dragon and begin its training. This will give it more skills and a better chance of levelling up. The new hud, that will come out with update 2.0, will have new functionality to allow you to interact with your dragon.

    Secondly, let's talk about levelling up and that all-important Leader Board.

    'HOW?' you ask, again to nobody in particular, 'HOW can I level up and get to the top of that soon-to-be-Hallowed board?'

    Well, here's how. Only Dragon Arenas at Official Mystical Creatures sims will have the functionality to allow you to level up on the Leader Board.  You will be able to practice at home, but this won't give you points to creep up that board. This is to stop people gaming the system - it has to be fair.  It will be free to battle, but some sims are likely to offer prizes to attract the battlers... It will add a whole new perspective to owning a dragon.

    Thirdly, you will be able to battle against SOME SERIOUSLY SCARY LITTLE BOOGERS.  Yup, the MC team are coming up with some NLCs (Nasty Little Critters) that your dragon can go up against. You'll have seen some hints on the home page.... I already have a Sensible Adult lined up to hold my hand when I try it for the first time. I won't be eating cheese before I go to bed, after trying it..... that's for Mystical Certainty.

    So get designing! I've already seen some AMAZING designs for battle dragons and I think this is going to be a fantastic addition to the whole dragon-keeping experience. And I, for one, just can't WAIT!

    Sparrow x

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