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    Getting to know the WIKI

    Dear Breeders,
    Today we are going to talk about the Wiki!  If you don't use the Wiki you are at sever disadvantage.  Knowledge is power!  You might be a new breeder or a breeder that has been around the block a time or two but if you want to even the playing field you need to know your way around the Mystical Creatures Wiki! 
    Whether you go to auctions or secondary markets and/or both this link should be saved to your favorites bar and opened when you purchase your next dragon:


    Okay so lets explore the Wiki together!  Let's say that we see this Dragon (pictured below) at an auction or a market 


    You click on the dragon and get its stats.  You see that this dragon has a Shrieking Phantom eye, Bloody Phantom claws, Horn Pigment, and Ornament Pigment. Huh! You have never seen or heard about that eye before. Does it go with the other Bloody Phantom traits?  Well lets find out.  


    We open up the wiki and go to the main page.  We want to go to: List of Dragon Attributes, to search for that eye. 


    We click on that link and it opens to this page:


    We see on this page: Dragon Eyes and so we click on this page 🙂 (shown below)dragoneyes.thumb.png.5b01072ce2635107f6a539b2ef208ff6.png

    From here we are going to go the Non Starter Eyes.  So click on this and it will open a page that shows all of the non starter eyes.  Scroll down the page.  You will soon discover that the "Shrieking Phantom" eye is not there!  Welp!  Now what???!!!  Have no fear we just have to dig a little deeper.  Look up at the right hand corner and you will see a box that says : Search (is everyone with me so far?)  


    Alright so now we are just going to type in the word:  Shrieking Phantom       ---> and hit enter.  This Search engine will now tell us where the word Shrieking Phantom has been entered and will bring you to this page.  55148f2723016369273e8ba09dea4f8a.thumb.png.cc52f3290f3ffb0368e006f73882a9aa.png

    Awesome!  We now can read that the Shrieking Phantom eye came from the 2022 Legendary Edition - Halloween.  So click on that link and it will bring you to this page:


      Scroll down and you will find the picture of the eye:


    WOW!  So you will see that this dragon does in fact have all four traits that dropped from that LE!  Knowing the traits of the dragon you are interested in helps you evaluate the dragon you are wanting to purchase.  This is really an invaluable tool for ALL breeders to use.   everything you need to know about breeding your dragons or researching dragons is just a click away 🙂   If you get stuck....hey no worries because you can ask in the group or contact one the Mystical Creatures Staff to have your questions answered.  

    This is Maggie Mae reporting to you on trending topics in Mystical Creatures.  


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