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    Flickr group winners!!!

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! I wanted to take some time to talk about Mystical Creatures Flickr!

    Last month we created a flickr group and asked all of you guys to join us in posting photos and every month I would pick some winners!

    Well its time for our winners!! This month I am giving away 1 breeding and wellness pack away to 2 winners! 

    How do you enter?
    Must Join the Mystical Creatures group
    Upload a picture of you and your Dragon
    Every month I will take everyone who has added a photo to the stream and enter them for a random drawing to get a FREE Breeding and Wellness pack!!
    You may upload more than one photo!!!

    I will announce the winner on a connection here on the Mystical Website! This should be some good fun, I know how many of you guys like taking photos! Lets see how creative you guys can get!!!

    If you have any questions please message Avalon Crystal in world!

    So this months winners are Lyric Lore (lyiralore)!!

    I love this photo!!!

    Our 2nd winner is Ravyn Hexem! 

    I really love this photo too! 

    Remember this is a new month so get to uploading you could be a winner next month! Congrats ladies on these awesome pics!

    Make today Mystical!!

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