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    Feb Town Hall Meeting Recap!

    Hey Mystical Family! Its Monday and we are back to the grind!

    I know some of you were not able to make it to the Dragon Town Hall meeting so I wanted to give a rundown of things we discussed.

    First we showed off the latest version of our PVP arena here is a picture:


    We have added health bars so if you are watching a battle you will be able to see the health of each participant.

    We also did a sneak peak of some PVE  creatures as well as Biome Beacon
    here is photos of both sneak peaks.


    Things discussed was an overhaul to digging, included a reduced digging time and a smaller digging page on the hud. 

    Some people vocal about the pricing in the 3rd party market, everyone is encouraged to get involved with the M.M.O.C.  The M.M.O.C. meeting will be on 12 March 2023, 3 PM SLT everyone is welcome and this is a great place for the community to come together and talk about pricing and standards.

    Everyone was reminded to join the flickr group and add some photos to the photo stream to win a prize!!

    Was said that you will be able to dig and find blue prints to craft battling aids, that will give you an advantage in the battle. 

    Some changes to the wiki, including links to make navigating easier on the website. 

    Also mentioned that past event items are all for sale at the Mystical Creatures Main store located: 

    Lots of suggestions made:
    New riding animations
    Pink Polka Dot Dragon
    Animations sets that would be available to purchase to make dragon do different things

    We also discussed doing a breeding contest for trend setter dragons open to the whole community! 

    As always if you have a suggestion please file a ticket we would love to hear it! 

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