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    Battle Update

    If you weren't at the last Town Hall Meeting you missed a real treat. And when you read the final line of this Connection, you will literally lay a little eggie of your own.

    Place was packed cos we heard on the Dragonvine that we were going to get a demonstration of ACTUAL BATTLING DRAGONS. And boy, we weren't disappointed.

    I'll be honest with you... I was worried that it might all look a bit, well, you know.. pants. Sometimes in SL, things get hyped up, but there are limitations due to LL and ... well. You hear what I'm saying.

    But OMG. As well as the amazing texture designers at Mystical Creatures, there are also some seriously hot programmers who are also gamers. And this was reflected in the display of Dragonpower on show. We got to see the Player Versus Player  (PVP) mode and it was savage. The moves of the dragons, the attacks are awesome. It felt real. I was blown away and even more excited for this incredible new update. The noises they made were vicious and it really did feel like you were watching two ancient beings battling it out to the death. When one dragon lay down 'dead' there was an audible gasp from the crowd. It made the scenes from Gladiator look like an episode of The Muppet Show.

    The new hud looks easy and intuitive to use and will take up a little less space. There are options for battle attacks - claw, bite etc - and you can train your dragon from birth to gain prowess in these discrete abilities.

    And if that wasn't enough, we also got to see the Player Versus Environment (PVE) designs, where you can battle against nasty kritters and hone your dragon skills from the comfort of your own living room. Or den, in my case.

    And are you ready for the final line?

    Get this:

    The stats of your dragon WILL stay with the dragon. So if you create the Ultimate Battle Dragon and want to give him a new home, then it creates a whole new market for these incredible beasts.

    Have a great day. Wait, that wasn't the last line. The last line I meant was the one above. Two sentences ago. So not quite the last line, but a nice one all the same. Have fun!

    Sparrow xx

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