• Livia

    Avoiding Bugs!!!

    It's tempting to use the Second Life viewer's Edit tool to organize your dragons and distribute food and wellsprings, but there is an actual risk something goes wrong.

    The truth is; there are many sensors involved in the communication system between your dragons, the Nexus Chrystal, and consumables, and moving them in-world may bug their scripts.

    The safest way to avoid your dragons from stopping eating is to take the item you want to your inventory, then rez it where you want it. After that, you can use edit for fine-tuning, but avoid moving it more than 5 meters.


    A last trick is to reset the scripts after moving your dragon or any consumable. How to do it? Food and wellsprings: click the object and select any of the three options (Owner Only, Group Only, All). Dragons: click it and change Mobility (Environment>Mobility).



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