• Livia

    Auctions Etiquette

    Hello, my fellow breeders. I know this is not new for most of you, but there is always someone new joining our community that can profit from some little bits of advice.

    To start, let's talk about timing. Try to arrive a few minutes before the auction begins; it's not because your name is down on the list you should come late. Remember, your fellows are trying to sell their dragons too, and one of them could be offering just the one you need. The same applies to leaving right after your panel. It's not just inelegant but disrespectful to the auctioneer and the audience. Again, others are there for the same reason you are. Give them the same chance they gave you.


    Now a sensible subject is pricing. Don't offer the same dragons someone else tried to sell before you for half the price they were asking. That is not a smart move and will not make others see you as a great dealer. The effect is the opposite. They will see you as a market crasher and will avoid buying your stuff in the long term. Also, don't be ashamed if you don't know how much to ask for your items; ask your auctioneer before the auction starts; they are very involved with market prices and are the best to help you. 

    And at last, tipping. Don't forget to tip your auctioneer after you sell something. Auctioneers work only for tips. They try hard to sell every offer in an auction. Recognizing their effort to sell your stuff is fair and elegant, so tip 10% every time you sell something. Sometimes even if you don't sell, and if you notice a special treatment to your panel, it's a good practice to tip the auctioneer. Any small tip is appreciated. Bina, Sparrow, Ava, Maggie, Jaded, Drae, and other auctioneers are giving up their fun time to help to sell your stuff.

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