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    2022 Legendary Edition - Sterling Steel!

    Hello Mystical Family!
    I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday and that rolling restarts are rolling without issues to you and your land!

    I wanted to talk just a minute and address something that I think a few of you might be talking about. 

    The 2022 Legendary Edition - Sterling Steel which is still available for sale at any Mystical Creatures locations has undergone some changes. 

    We want to be totally transparent, there was an error where the very first few people who had an offspring from these 2022 Legendary Edition all received new traits from them, this was a glitch on our end, Because of these errors the Rawr team has decided to no longer associate with us and that is why the Dragons name has changed to 2022 Legendary Edition - Sterling Steel!

    We realize that although we try hard to prevent glitches and errors from happening that our product does involve a ever evolving code. We know exactly how many, who, and what was given out to the offspring in error, we can also track all of these to see who owns them now. We will not be changing these or "taking them away" to make this right for everyone we have put in a few more new surprises into the the 2022 Legendary Edition - Sterling Steel that still have yet to be seen!

    We do apologize for any inconvenience that we may have caused you and value your continued support! 


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