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    2022 Legendary Edition - Dashing Reindeer

    Hello my Mystical Family! How is everyone today! What a day! Man we have been busy!

    Ty to everyone who came out and talked to us about our new Combat coming out in our 2.0 Update! We are super excited! 

    As promised at the Q and A its Christmas time and you know what that means its time a Christmas Legendary Edition Dragon!

    Starting today 12/14/2022 until 12/28/2022 you can pick up the 2022 Legendary Edition - Dashing Reindeer at any Mystical location!!!


    Skin: 2022 Legendary Edition - Dashing Reindeer
    Element: Air
    Eye: Dashing Reindeer
    Claws: Dashing Reindeer
    Horn: Antlers
    Horn Pigment: Antler Gold
    Ornament: Feathers
    Ornament Pigment: Dashing Reindeer

    This one will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit! The 2022 Legendary Edition - Dashing Reindeer DOES NOT have the ability to pass its skin! However it does have lots of holiday surprises and goodies!  You will have to breed them to find out!

    Please be aware with these Legendary Editions you will need to replace your nexus crystal with a new Mystical Nexus Crystal V1.1 CR it looks like this!!!

    It is included in the box when your purchase a new 2022 Legendary Edition - Dashing Reindeer!!

    Just delete your old nexus crystal and rez out the new one from the box and thats it!

    We hope this will help you get into the Christmas Spirit!  Hope to see you at the Christmas Party tomorrow!  Dash on Dashing Reindeer, Dash on!

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