• Livia

    2021 Legendary Christmas Gift

    Last Christmas, Mystical Creatures decided to show their appreciation for all customers with a surprise. All active breeders were eligible to reclaim a special dragon egg. The 2021 Legendary Christmas Gift - Holly was a free limited edition, one egg per breeder, and it had a bunch of surprises Hidden into it. They were, respectively, Horn Pigment Hallowed Peppermint, Ornament Pigment Peppermint, and Claws Peppermint could drop from any breeding!


    Skin: 2021 Legendary Christmas Gift - Holly
    Eye: Holly
    Claws: Berry
    Horn: Fins
    Horn Pigment: Peppermint
    Ornament: Fins
    Ornament Pigment: Holly


    What surprises are expecting us this Christmas? I guess we will have to wait a bit more to discover them, but I'm sure Mystical Creatures reserved some flabbergasting stuffs!

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