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    MC Divine Dragon Design Contest Winners!

    Hello Mystical Family! How is everyone today? Hope your week is going well! 
    Today is the big day! 

    I have been hosting our first breeding contest! If you havent headed over and checked out all the entries that were submitted to the MC Divine Dragon Design Contest, today is the last day!!

    Here is your slurl to head over and check them out while you still can!!

    I have a panel of 3 anonymous guest judges that do not breed dragons, pick our top 3 winners! 
    I am super excited to announce them to you today! 

    3rd place goes to Tristana Lane!! Take a look at this amazing dragon:

    Skin: Sterling Steel
    Element: Fire
    Eye: Ice Crystal
    Claws: Tranquil Waters
    Horn: Spikes
    Horn Pigment: Tranquil Waters
    Ornament: Spikes
    Ornament Pigment: Tranquil Waters
    Marking: Arctic Aurora Sky

    2nd Place was submitted by G Leeder! Take a look at this awesome design:


    Skin: Sterling Steel
    Element: Fire
    Eye: Brimstone
    Claws: Brimstone
    Horn: Antlers
    Horn Pigment: Sleet
    Ornament: Feathers
    Ornament Pigment: Air Fruzayl
    Marking: Mutation Amber Smolder

    The winner of the first ever MC Divine Dragon Design Contest is Gloria Haystack!! Love the combo of this one!


    Skin: Xumenth
    Element: Earth
    Eye: Molten Soul
    Claws: Molten Soul
    Horn: Fins
    Horn Pigment: Brimstone
    Ornament: Spikes
    Ornament Pigment: Molten Soul
    Marking: Arctic Aurora Cream

    Honarable mention goes to Darklore Ravenhurst a lot of people in the community liked this dragon!


    I will be in contact with the winners today! I will start sending dragons back to everyone who entered tomorrow morning! That means if you have not went and checked all these amazing dragons out please do so today!! 

    I hope that all of you have enjoyed this contest and we can talk about having another at the Town Hall meeting later this month! Make today Mystical! 

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